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Article: A weekend in Positano

A weekend in Positano

That afternoon I was at the bar of the old Hotel / Le Sirenuse, the elegance of a house from another time. And that's where I saw you there for the first time, beautiful  and burned by the sun. 

Behind you the coast: jagged cliffs of colors and  houses wedged between the rocks. A scent of the sea in the air.  And you and I on the boat, and after a while the swimsuits were floating on the water. 

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Portofino and Us

Sea moored boats, colours, voices on the street: this is Portofino. Memories of walks on warm summer evenings surrounded by soft lights  of the premises on the edge of the marina. The colors of ...

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A day at the beach towards Giglio

And then the boat trips to the island of Giglio, when the colors of the sunset blend with the blue of the sea, illuminating the profile of Montecristo. Parties on the beach or in the old towers, th...

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